Must Read Tips for Clash of Clans Beginners

Here are some tips for all of you Clash of Clans beginners, so you guys can be better players. The first and most important thing when starting is the base layout. Building your village laid out the right way can have a huge impact of your game`s further development.

When starting you will need to place your Elixir and Money storages towards the middle of the grass loans, and not in the corners like some players do, hoping that opponents won`t reach to them. Well, they do! And you will be left without your resources, thus you will not be able to upgrade your belongings.

Lather on you will need to purchase Mortar which will protect you from enemy troops as it shoots anything close to it. The Mortar as well as your Town Hall should be put at the center. Because if your enemy breaks down your Town Hall, gets an instant victory. Just to show you guys how important your Town Hall is we`ll give you an example. For instance, if the enemy destroys half of your village, he gets one star, but if he destroys just the Town Hall he also gets one star and a guaranteed victory. And we all know that for destroying half village, your enemy will need to put a lot of effort and lose a lot of troops, but if you leave your Town Hall unprotected, he will just go for it and with minimum effort he will get the same rewards, if not more. So be sure to protect your Town Hall and your Mortar tower very well. Around them, you should put your regular buildings like (Barracks, Army Camps etc.), and after that put your archer tower and cannons.

Also one of the most important things you should do is to construct walls around your village, especially around the Town Hall and Mortar, for they are the most valuable buildings. Walls will slow down your opponents from raiding your village and taking your hardly earned resources. So, as you can see walls are a must have and if you have the resources build double walls around your village, for extra protection.

Another tip that we find very helpful is to always spend your elixir and gold, so when attackers come, they will leave with minimal of your resource. Plus from all that spending (that is if you spend thoughtfully on upgrading and defense mechanisms), you will have excellent defense so attackers will be sorry for messing with you.

And finally, the best tip that we can give you is to check out our Clash of Clans gem hack tool, which will generate you unlimited amounts of Elixir, Coins and Gems. We hope that you liked our tips, and good luck to all of you guys!